Stop Addictive Cravings Easy Method To Use Now 

No matter what goal you’re trying to achieve, whether it is weight loss, stopping an addiction or just living a better life, your greatest hindrance usually comes from you yourself. While the deeper, core part of you wants to ‘stay the course’ and improve yourself, another part of your brain starts an extremely frustrating internal debate. It tells you that just one piece of chocolate cake, or one cigarette, or one beer, or taking a night off from class etc, etc whatever it is…will be ok. But you know deep inside that it is not.  

I’ve combined a few techniques that I’ve learned over the years to allow myself to beat cravings and gain inner peace once these issues do crop up. This ‘meditation’ only takes 5 minutes and will immediately get me back into a positive, focused frame of mind.   

Step 1 

  • First try to find a quiet, peaceful place (even the bathroom at work will do in a pinch) and begin to center yourself.
  • This can be done by bringing your mind into your body by focusing on your breathing.  
  • Allow yourself to become still and relaxed.
  • Then, sitting or even standing take a very slow, very deep breath.
  • While you’re doing this imagine the oxygen coursing through your body and mind, unblocking all negative energy and doubt.  
  • As you exhale very slowly and deeply, imagine all the negativity and doubt being expelled with the carbon dioxide.
  • Visualization may help with this if you imagine yourself expelling black or gray ‘smoke.’
  • Repeat this 5 times, taking a few normal breaths between each deep breath. 

Step 2 

  • Now, just take a slow, deep breath and imagine that your entire body and mind are being infused with positive energy and strength.
  • It may help to imagine a pure, white light coming into your body.
  • And repeat this 5 times. 

Step 3 

I have also found that listening to a subliminal Mp3 before using the above techniques really gets my mind in the right place. One of the best ones for me is the Freedom From Addiction Subliminal – The messages in this Mp3 truly help me to face the day feeling free, happy and ready for anything that life brings me. 

These short and simple technique work like a charm for me. They help me to stay focused, strong and give me a boost of energy as well. Good luck!