Know Yourself, The Truth Will Set You Free- Book Review 

New Self-Help Book By Shahreen Kamaluddin

I usually make it a point to check our all the latest self-help books as they are released. I’m always looking out for ways to improve myself and my life. The way I look at it is you either keep growing as a person or you die one day at a time. The problem is that the vast majority of new self-help books are either complete crap or they are just re-hashing the same old stuff.

Last week however I saw one that really stood out to me, Know Yourself, The Truth Will Set You Free I think the title stood out for me because throughout my life I’ve always prided myself on being the perfect chameleon. I’ve always managed to fit in seemlessly with all different kinds of people. I could be the athlete, the brain or the party guy among many others. The problem was that I had no idea which one of these personas was the real me. So I liked the premise of this book at first glance.

After I clicked on the link and saw that Deepak Chopra who is one of my favorite authors, as well as many other prominent and respected authors and gurus had highly recommended it I went ahead and bought it. But was it as good as the hype?

Well as usual Chopra was right. Know Yourself combines and expounds upon the knowledge and personal growth potential that were found in The Secret and The Power of Now. The Author Shahreen Kamaluddin eloquently helped me to….

Unlock the door to my self-awareness.

To truly begin to know, understand and love myself and others.

How to understand and improve my emotions.

How to forgive. Especially myself.

To master my own destiny.

How to find and live out my true purpose in life.

How to develop and use ‘Silent Power.’

A new and powerful tool that I just love!

This book is not full of the ridiculous platitudes and false promises found in most self-help books on the market today. Shahreen gave me all of the necessary knowledge and tools to help me implement immediate and profound results.

Once my eyes were opened to the real me, long hidden behind a mask of fear, insecurities and false ego, I immediately gained an incredible inner peace. I can hardly describe how wonderful it feels to experience the blessings of the present moment, knowing exactly who I am, and with all of the masks stripped away. It is so incredibly rewarding to stay true to the real me!

If you are like me and always striving for personal growth, if you are trying to find out who you really are, or if you are just looking for peace, happiness and contentment in your life then I highly recommend this book.

You can find out more about this great self-help book Know Yourself, The Truth Will Set You Free and order it here –>> Know Yourself, The Truth Will Set You Free