Is The Law Of Attraction Working For You?

Are you creating the life of your wildest dreams yet?

I know that for me The Secret was a life changing book. I helped me tremendously by changing my way of thinking and the way I view the world around me. I quickly began to experience positive changes in almost every aspect of my life.

There were some almost comical manifestations that I began to notice right off the bat.

I was reading a really funny book and one scene had a hilarious scene in which a group of drunken, Hemmingway look-a-likes started a stampede in Key West. I had joked and laughed with my friends a lot about it. A little over two weeks later I was enjoying my birthday dinner at a restaurant/bar in Treasure Island Florida when a group of 30 Hemmingway look-a-likes came stumbling in and proceeded to get sloppy drunk. I got a few great pictures out of it and a great story. It was the first time they had ever gathered outside Key West…….This Stuff Really Works!

Another small example of using the law of attraction occurred a month later.

I wanted to practice manifesting money so I kept picturing a 50 dollar bill. I was hoping to find one in a parking lot or blowing by on the beach but I never did. My co-worker gave me a cheap scratch off lottery ticket for Christmas…….yep you guessed right, it was a 50 dollar winner! Guess what denomination the store paid me in.

These successful small steps were what motivated me to explore further.

I now wanted to seek a way to affect life altering attractions. I wanted to enhance and improve my newfound power. I dug deeper. And I was delighted to find that The Secret was barely scratching the surface! It’s kind of like a Law of Attraction for Dummies 101.

I’ve found that to experience profound change, you must first profoundly change certain aspects of your character and your life.

This new knowledge not only made me a master at using the law of attraction, it made me happier and more at peace in every area of my life. After reading The Secret I literally read hundreds of books. Everything from Deepack Chopra to books on quantum physics. I learned a lot, and I believe that everyone must ultimately choose their own journey.

However, I can tell you that the two books that helped me personally the most were Know Yourself, The Truth Will Set You Free and The 11 Forgotten Laws